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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals

Chevron Packing

Multi-part seal set for sealing piston or rod in hydraulic application consisting of pressure ring, sealing rings and a back-up ring manufactured from polymers like Nitrile / Viton with fabric reinforcement or in Polyurethane.

DAS Compact Piston Seals

A double acting compact piston seal assembly consisting of a combination of elastomeric piston seal, thermoelastomeric back-up rings and thermoplastic wear rings.

U Seals

Single acting lip seal for light application made from Nitrile polymer.


Wiper Seals

Popular and widely used Wiper Seals in Nitrile or Polyurethane with or without metal casings are available in largest range of sizes suitable for Hydraulic and Pneumatic application against the intrusion of dirt.

T- DUO Seals

Double acting complete piston with steel body integrated guide bonded with Nitrile Sealing lips used in light hydraulic or pneumatic applications.

Bucket Seals / Cup Seals

Popular and widely used U-Cup Seals in Nitrile or Polyurethane are available in largest range of sizes suitable for Hydraulic and Pneumatic application.

Bonded Seals / Dowty Seals

Vast range of bonded seals according to British Imperial / ISO1179-1173 / German or New PM1000 PM3000 Metric / French Metric to ISO R261 BS3643 standard are available in Standard design or self centralizing designs in polymers like Nitrile / HNBR / Viton / Silicone / EPDM / Neoprene.

PTFE Back-up Rings / Machined Components

Back-up rings are used to prevent seal extrusion under high pressure. Available in solid or spiral types.

Rod / Piston Composite Seals

These seals are ideal for low friction applications and are widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.


Wiper Strips

Sideway wipers extend effective production life on modern machine tools by protecting against the abrasive effects of trapped cutting chips or other machining debris. Wiper strips available in aluminum alloy frame with polyurethane wiper blades or steel bonded with Nitrile Rubber.

Glyd Rings / Guide Strips / Guide Bushes

For Piston or Rod in Hydraulic and Pneumatic Applications made from hard convex with fabric reinforced for Heavy Stressed Hydraulic Application / Bronze-filled PTFE for steel cylinders/ Carbon-filled PTFE for light and nonferrous metal cylinders.

Turkkiite Strips

These are high performance engineering thermoplastic material consisting of PTFE and Sintered Bronze having properties of self-lubrication and wear resistant suitable for operating temperature up-to 260 degree centigrade. These are widely used in machine tool OEM's and maintenance / reconditioning and retrofitting of machines like milling. Machines, machining centers, SPM, Lathes, Grinding Machines, CNC Machines and many more for avoiding metal to metal contact.